Diane Brim


Diane Brim’s striking abstract paintings can best be summarized as boldly colorful and expressively free.  She employs a myriad of luminescent hues in her paint selection with the emphasis on spontaneity and dynamics.  Though well seasoned in the principals and elements of composition design, the bottom line for her is does it have the “wow factor.”  If not, she routinely starts over, letting it serve as an under layer for a new work.  

Like many established artists, Diane first started painting in 1999 in a representational format.  Taking the necessary instruction(s) and workshops to assist in honing her skills, she fell into abstract painting at a professional workshop in 2002.  She joyfully has never looked back.  

Diane’s passion for nonobjective/abstract painting has earned her numerous awards at local and regional art exhibitions – Best of Show, 1st Place , and many/all of the other award categories.  She is an active, participating member of numerous painting/art societies.  She has been in numerous one-person shows much to the delight of her ever growing fan base of collectors and admirers.   

A fellow artist friend Jon Winslow best illuminates Diane in action – “I happened to be attending an Abstract Workshop and noticed this whirlwind of activity at the back of the room.  A large group of fellow students were surrounding Diane – this blur of flailing arms and hands.  What once appeared to be a finished painting was now surrendering to Diane’s intuitive inventiveness.  Her energy of movement flabbergasted me.  Hands soaked in paint were relentlessly flying on the canvas,  Fingers were poking and dragging in all the different directions, and new shapes and forms miraculously appeared.  Next, a long thin tree branch becomes Diane’s weapon of choice and the canvas on the floor bows down in submission while Diane jabs and pokes scarcely recognizable objects.  Finally, a couple of large paint brushes freely float over elements of shape, color and line.  The fight is now over and Diane continues to be the reigning victor.”  

Besides continuing to enhance her abstract painting skills by attending professional painting workshops ( e.g.  Robert Burridge, Douglas Walton, Virginia Cobb, Joan Blackburn…), Diane enjoys working in her garden, visiting with her family, and watching the sunset with her husband, Doug, from their home overlooking the water in Navarre, Florida.